2M High Roller #10747839
 Flush $1,000
Live Breed $300
Semen $100

or 612-501-1869
Triple M Boer Goat Ranch - Owner Matthew Schoenbauer of New Prague, MN.
It all started with a Dream, a Big Dream. Registered, % and Commercial Boer Goats from Champion genetics and we are making them better. 
From IVF Flushing and selecting the best does and our 2M High Roller (son of Ace in The Hole). We strive to create and offer the best. The proof is in the ribbon. 
From 2015 to today we have some of the best show stock in the US.  

Contact us with questions: Matthew 952-564-1990 or Pam 612-501-1869.
2018 Championships earned in Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota !!
2M Mercedes #10705015 was 9th at the 2018 Nationals. 
Ultrasound November 26th.
If your interested please contact 
Pam 612-501-1869, Matt 952-564-1990
or Audra 402-630-7528